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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celebrating Easter

It seems as soon as I get comfortable at school celebrating something and all of a sudden we are finished. Easter, at school, came and went in an instant.

Our classes celebrated by making Easter Bunny baskets, dying Easter eggs, learning some new songs, creating a special craft, and having an egg hunt. We were lucky enough to have the "Easter Bunny" come and hide eggs for us and fill our Easter baskets.

For the children's baskets we made bunnies from white paper bags. We added wiggle eyes, pom pom noses, whiskers, and a cotton ball tail. Both baskets were very similar. The 3yr. class cut out ears and glued them on. The Pre-K got white bags that we cut the top to make it look like ears.

For both classes we had a day where they brought hard boiled eggs to school and we dyed them for our egg hunt. On that day I also had them watercolor an egg to cut out the next time they came to school.

The 3's made our fun chick in an egg--they love this craft, it gets lots of smiles. We also made a bunny from paper plates.

For Pre-K I had the make suncatchers with contact paper and tissue paper squares. I gave each child 2 squares of contact paper. On one piece they stuck on some colored tissue paper squares. Then the second piece of contact paper was placed on top. Then I had three patterns, an egg, a flower, and a cross, cut out of tag board. The children picked the shape they wanted and traced it on their contact paper. Then they cut it out. (They all wanted eggs.)
We also made a footprint bunny. I traced the children's foot, they cut it out, and we added ears, eyes, nose, and tail.

I had to show you this cute cupcake one of our parents sent in. It's a cupcake with white icing, covered in mini marshmallows, with black licorice for the face. I thought they were adorable.

The final day was our egg hunt and other Easter fun. I brought balloons in for some fun with music to end the day. It was a whirlwind, but full of fun.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

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