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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a Wonderful Leap Day

Yesterday was one of the first times I have gotten to celebrate Leap Day with the children at school. So, of course, I wanted to make it fun.
First off, we had to make a frog--I know he hops, but it's close. I used the frog the teacher from our animals camp made a few years ago.

We painted a large paper plate green, (I did this Monday so the plate would be dry on Wednesday). Then the plate gets folded in half. I give the children four strips of green paper, which they fold accordion style. The legs then get glued to the bottom of the plate.

Now that all important tongue has to be glued in. I just cut out a tongue shape and the children glue in in the mouth, with some of it sticking out.

Finally, those great big frog eyes. The children glue two cotton balls to the top of the frog, then two google eyes are glue to the cotton balls. He's pretty cute.

Speaking of the frogs sticky tongue I found a fun game in my Mailbox magazine that they had a blast playing. I had bought a couple bags of those party blower toys. Then on a table I set up two boxes. On top of each box I place 7 pompom "flies." The children used their party blower "tongues" to knock the flies off the box. It was pretty funny.

Another fun Mailbox frog idea was the jumping game. I had cut out three frogs; red, yellow, and blue. Then I made a starting line and put the frogs on the floor. The children stood at the line and jumped. We graphed how far the children jumped just for extra "fun." After we did the standing jump, we also did a running jump.

Before too long it was time to leap on home. Only four more years until we can celebrate this day again.

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Jen said...

Aww! How cute! I love the frogs. We played leap frog and jumped from lily pad to lily pad. Lots of fun for little man and my girls did a scavenger hunt to learn more about leap year.

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea in showing the children how to create a chart and fill out. Love the idea of how they get to interact, observe and record.