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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Off to the Grocery Store

This week the Pre-K class got to visit our local Giant Supermarket. They had a great time. Our tour guide was wonderful and the children we so good.
During our visit we got to find the health care items, good foods like whole grain cereals and organic items, the deli, the bakery, meat department, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.
Some of their favorite parts were a "name the fruit game" in the produce section. Our leader had some fruits and veggies in a bag. The children had to close their eyes, pull something out, and see if they could tell what it was by feeling and smelling it.
They also got to pet "Larry the Lobster" in the seafood area. Some were a little hesitant, and some we couldn't get away. I thought this was pretty neat myself.
They also got to enjoy a piece of cheese from the deli and a yummy cookie from the bakery. I also got to enjoy a yummy cookie from the bakery--no way I was passing up a chocolate chip cookie.
One area we did not get to was the back room. Giant is a large place and we did a lot of walking. We thought it might be good to skip that. Next year, I am thinking maybe to skip the milk aisle and see the back room. I thought it would be fun for them to see where the food comes in and how it gets sorted. They were ready to be done though. The trip lasted about an hour.
Before we left we got a Giant reusable grocery bag with an apple, water, granola bar, and a Giant work hat. I thought it was a wonderful trip.

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Jen said...

What a great f. trip! When I'm patient enought to take my kids shopping with me, I love exploring with them. I let them look at all of the different fruits and veges and weigh them on the scale. Lot so learning to be done in the grocery store. They also see me estimating and adding- real-life math.

Faigie said...

I remember when I was in graduate school they also had a childrens school as part of the school. One of the major projects they did for the year was take them to the market like you did, then they came back and recreated a market in the school. The made it into a whole curriculum. The kids were making signs, creating currency, adding up purchases etc It was an amazing extension of the learning

School Sparks Renee said...

Great pictures. What a neat experience for kids - so much more to get from going to the grocery store and just following mom around! This is a terrific idea. Do you take extra adults to help divide the children into smaller groups?

Jessica said...

I took my kids to Safeway last year. We actually spent the entire time in the back rooms. My kids really loved it, we didn't get all that cool stuff though. They did give us a box of cuties which they enjoyed for their afternoon snack that day. I think they especially loved going into the freezer full of ice cream.