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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

It sure does seem like I have been writing Happy Birthday a lot lately. But, of course, today is the celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday. I guess there were a lot of famous people born around this time.

We actually had a ball today, and it wasn't even crazy. This day is our pajama day. We thought incorporating the Read Across America day and pajama day would be appropriate. Everyone came to school in their pj's and brought blankets, a bedtime buddy, or pillow. Then we just lounged around for the day, read stories, and kicked back. Well not really.

Yes, I even wore my pajamas, here's a picture of my leg--a little busy huh?

We started off the day by reading Green Eggs and Ham, and I showed the children the Cat in the Hat craft we planned on making. My big plan for the day was to make breakfast. I thought that still coincided with good foods, and being in our pajamas breakfast seemed like a reasonable idea.

In the play room the children had the option of making green eggs, or a pancake, or both. I had set a table with some napkins, forks, knives, butter, syrup, and juice. After the children made what they wanted they headed over to the table to eat up. I have to say they all ate what they made I was very impressed.

Cooking took a bit more time than I thought it would, so we did not make our Cat in the Hat craft. I have a picture of him at the top. Mrs. A found it on the internet. Her class made it and I thought it looked cute.

One of our parents brought us a great snack she found on the internet. I thought it was cute. They are Cat in the Hat treats made with marshmallows.

Mid play time we took a break for another story--Ten Apples Up On Top. Then back to a few more minutes of playtime.

After clean up the children put their shoes back on, packed up their pillows and blankets and we gathered on the rug for one more story--The Cat in the Hat, of course.

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