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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun At the Library

We have begun to discuss Community Helpers in our Pre-K class. To help us with the theme, I have been trying to schedule some trips or visitors from different walks of life. You may remember we had a dental hygienist in February--that was 1 part dental health, 1 part community helper.
Yesterday we took a trip to our local library. We were able to have a tour of the children's area of the library. After our tour we had story time.

I thought it was especially cute; Our tour guide asked the children if they had any questions. She was getting the usual responses like--"I like to play Wii," "My brother is at school," or "I watch movies." When all of a sudden one little boy raised his hand; of course, we were wondering what he wanted to tell us. Well, guess what? He actually had a question, and a great one at that. Mr. M wanted to know how many books there are in the library! I was very impressed as was our tour guide. Luckily she had an answer for him too.
It was a nice trip, especially for children that had never visited a library and seen the amount of items in a library.

I have to show the cute snack our resident creative mom sent in for the day. Since we were going on the trip she wanted to have a portable snack in case we needed it. What did she send? Adorable butterflies. To make the butterflies she had her children color clip type clothespins, and shaped a piece of pipe cleaner into antenna. Then using a snack size zipper bag, she put the clothespin in the middle of the bag. She then added grapes to one side of the "wings," and crackers to the other side of the "wing." I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

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Tiff said...

I love the idea of the field trip to the library! I think its a great way to get children involved and interested in reading at an early age. By the looks of the pictures it looks as if students really enjoyed themselves and it was an overall learning experience. I'm sure that there are even some students participating in different programs in which the library offers. I also love the snack in which the students were given! How cute!

Renee said...

Such an adorable story... I remember the days of getting "questions" like "I'm hungry" or "I like to play on the computer." Kudos to your one student with the very insightful question!

Unknown said...

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