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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adorable Spring Birds

With spring upon us it was a time for an adorable spring time craft. What better craft than birds? And, what better place to find an adorable one than in my Mailbox magazine.

This craft is from mailbox. It's a little bird in a nest.

For the craft you need:

brown lunch bag
2 large pom poms (I used 2 inch)
brown straw/grass/paper shreds
wiggle eyes

The first step was to make the actual nest using a brown lunch bag. I had done this part for the children as it was a bit tricky. I'm sure older children could accomplish this task. You start from the top and roll the bag down until it is nest shape.

Next I had the children fill the nest with the paper shreds. They then picked any two pom poms they desired. Using the tacky they glue the two pom poms together and put the wiggle eyes on. I had them pick out some feathers, dip them in the tacky, then lay them on the pom poms.

The final piece was a small orange beak. I had cut out small orange diamonds. We folded them in half, then dipped the fold in the tacky and stuck it to the front of the pom pom.

We placed the bird in the nest and he was ready to go home.

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ourlovevan said...

Thousands of colorful smiles from Portugal

Jen said...

So sweet! Love them.


School Sparks Renee said...

Rally adorable. Inexpensive with easy materials to round up. I'll try it!

Shannon said...

Looking forward to using this in my summer program for 3&4 year olds...even with 50+ kids, the prep won't take too long!

Kaki said...

What adorable little nests!