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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Honest Abe

Our classes have started celebrating those two presidents from long ago that have birthdays in February. Being that his birthday was on February 12, we talked about Abraham Lincoln first. On Friday and Tuesday we will discuss George Washington.

I had separate activities for each class. My three-year-olds make a log cabin with popsicle sticks, some pre cut house parts(door, window, and roof), and a penny. We put tacky down where the main part of the house goes. The children cover this with popsicle sticks. They then add the remainder of the house, using some spreadable tacky to make sure the pieces stick to the sticks. Finally we take a bit of tacky and glue a penny in the window.

The Pre-K class had two projects. One was the handprint Lincoln that I made a while back. There is not a lot for them to do with this project unless they are really good with scissors. Mrs. M. cut the children arm/hand shapes out and they added the face and hat brim.

With me the children made a log cabin out of pretzel sticks. When I first saw this project it stated to glue the pretzel sticks to a piece of paper and then allow the children to add aspects of the outside--grass, trees, etc.

I wanted the children to be able to eat the pretzel sticks so I changed it up a bit. I used vanilla frosting for the glue and we just "glued" it to a paper plate. The children spread the frosting into a squarish shape and then laid on the pretzel sticks. They then spread a triangle shape for the roof and finished it off with pretzel sticks they had to break down to size.

Both classes got to examine the $5 and $1 bills and the penny and quarter. I also had a "money" sorting game out for them. I used pretend money as I don't have enough laying around for everyone.

Now it's time for fun with George. The Pre-K class will be making Tri-corner hats and the 3's will be painting the hand shaped cherry tree.

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