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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Belated Happy Birthday George

Since I misplaced my camera, I missed posting my George Washington activities. I'll just put them up quickly. I really didn't do anything I hadn't done before.

The three-year-old class made their handprint cherry trees. I trace the children's arm and hand. They paint the arm brown for the tree trunk and they paint the hand with green paint that I mix with glue. After the hand is painted, the children add red sequins for the cherries.

The Pre-K class made a tri-corner hat. My posting has the hat made in black, but we made it using red, white, and blue paper. The children cut the pieces out, I stapled the three sides together and they added a badge. They looked so cute leaving at the end of the day in their hats.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Conference Time

We had conferences for the Pre-K class last week. This being my first year for Pre-K I was a bit extra nervous. I tried to prepare as well as I could. They went well. I just hope I hit everything.

For my evaluations I had made up a little paper to go over with the children. I had them write their name at the top. Then we went over shapes and colors. First I told them the names of the shapes and asked them to glue down the right shape, then we went back over them and I asked them the names of the shapes.

I pretty much did the same thing with the colors. I read the names of the colors and had the children color the squares. Then we went back and I had them tell me the names of the colors.

For the letters and numbers I had them on the paper and I asked the children to tell me what they were. I made sure I didn't do the letters in order to get a better idea of their knowledge.

The final thing I had them do was a cutting exercise. You may remember Ally the Alligator from 3yr. class? I did sort of the same thing except it was an astronaut. The children had to cut out 4 triangle shapes and glue them back together to make an astronaut. (The children had a bit of trouble putting the four pieces together. I think it was because they were connecting the smile on the face, but their was an extra smile piece that needed to go between the other pieces. The children kept missing the middle part of the smile.)

They all did well, I was very proud of them.

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Guest Posts

Hi everyone. I wanted to drop a quick note. Recently I have been inundated with requests for guest posts. I have always been open to guest posts, they have actually been a blessing at times when I was at a "loss for words."

I'm not quite sure how to handle all the recent requests. If I allow everyone who has asked, there would be no blog by me. I'll let you know when I come up with a solution. Thanks.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letters J, D, P, and B

Speaking of letters (where I found my camera), we are steadily working our way through the alphabet. We have added four more letters during the month of February: J, D, P, and B. Each of our pages came from Scholastic's Cut, Paste, & Write ABC Activity Pages.

For letter J we worked on a Jaguar in the Jungle. For craft day I had the children make a paper with jellybeans. This was easy. I had cut jellybean shapes from construction paper. The children added their J's to the page then glued on various colored jellybeans.

Letter D was up next. This page was a Dog in a Doghouse. Our D craft was fun too--I thought it was cute. We made a doughnut with sprinkles. I had precut doughnut shapes. The children glued the doughnut down and then added sprinkles. For the sprinkles I used very small beads--I think they call them fusion beads--the ones you iron. Some of the children had a bit of a challenge picking up the small beads. Finally they added their D's.

On to letter P--Pig in a puddle. (These pages are so cute.) The letter craft was a porcupine. I had made this for my blog a while ago and thought he was cute. I had cut out s porcupine shape then the children added quills with a fork. They finished the project off with a capital P and lowercase p.

Lastly was the letter B. For B the children completed Bees by a beehive. For craft day I thought I had a fun new brainstorm. I thought we would make a picture of blue bubbles. I made some bubble paint--with some trial and error, then tried to show the children what they would be doing. I brought out some straws and we talked about blowing through the straws--B for blowing. We practiced and they tried. Some of them actually couldn't figure it out--straws are for sucking. The children glued the B's to their paper, blew the bubbles in the paint, and laid their paper across to get a print.

Anyway, Mrs. M was helping them to blow bubbles in the blue bubble paint and place their paper on top of the bubbles to get the print. All of a sudden from across the room I hear, "NO!" You have to understand, Mrs. M is a very quiet person, sometimes you forget she's there:). So I go over and their he is, a little boy with blue lips and a blue chin. He was a good sport. They quickly shot to the bathroom and rinsed out that yucky soap taste. I guess one mishap out of 11 isn't too bad.

We had some great fun with these letters. I think we have 10 more letters to go. I hope I make it!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I found my camera, it was with all the children's alphabet books. So now I should be able to start posting again.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am in the process of looking for I put it somewhere, and am trying to find it. It has all my school pictures on it. I have checked the house--no luck. Tomorrow I'll check work, keep your fingers crossed.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

9 and 10

Our number books went home a couple of weeks ago, I just been slow to tell you about it. Sorry if you were waiting for the finished product.

The last two numbers we needed to add were 9 and 10. For number 9 we had a groundhog with 9 pieces of fruit. I was planning on cutting out some small fruits so the children could glue them with the groundhog, but I got lucky and found fruit stickers in our supply. So, the children just needed to add 9 fruit stickers.

They then added 9 beads to their number close.

We did number 10 right before Valentine's Day so of course we had to have a Valentine paper. I had a picture of a mailbox and we added 10 valentines. To do this I again had stickers. We had lots of valentine stickers so I let the children choose the ones they liked best and they put them on the paper.

And the final project---10 beads on the number line.

The children were so excited to take their books and number lines home to show their parents. I had made the cover for the book on the computer, so we just had to staple them all together. I hope everyone enjoyed their books. The children did a great job!

Are you interested in obtaining the number pages? Click here.

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