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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Snow Globe

Many times my children have come home from school with an art project that was a "copy" of a famous artist. Mrs. A. came up with a project that plays on that premise.

Mrs. A. had a calendar with some pictures done by young artists. She found one that that the children could make and we could also incorporate winter with. It was a pretty snow globe.

To make the snow globe we had:

One circle from white construction paper
One red base from red construction paper
dark blue construction paper

We first showed the children the picture and where it came from. Their first step was to draw a winter scene inside of the white circle. Some said they couldn't draw, I encouraged them to draw anything that reminded them of winter.

After they were done drawing, they glued the red base and white circle to the blue paper.

For the next step I had children spread a thin layer of glue with a Q-tip. Then the children sprinkled glitter on the glue. One thing we had to be careful with was getting too much glue on top of the beautiful picture they drew. I think they turned out beautifully.

To help incorporate more fun with snow, we added "snow" to our sand table. Last year we purchased some Insta Snow. It is great stuff. You put a small amount in a container, add a small amount of water, and magically you have a good amount of "snow" for the children to play with--it's even cold.

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Jen said...

Look at that snow powder! You are so brave. lol Looks like so much fun. We're going to do letter Ii today, so little man will be playing with ice!


Jen C. said...

Instead of buying instant snow try clean mud snow. 2 rolls of toilet paper ripped up into small pieces plus one bar of shaved ivory soap (can only use ivory) and add water to wet it thoroughly through. It's like a dough. If you drop it on tile floor it dries and is sweepable. It stays good in resealable bag too. It smells good and kids can make snowmen out of it:)

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