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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week in Review

As many of you know, I have been posting the events of my three-year-old class since 2008. Since many things are a repeat, but I know there are many new readers, I like to recap the three's week with you.

Last week we started our shape books, added a page to the Me Book and enjoyed our Wee Workout day. When we have Wee Workout, we don't get too much extra done.

The shape we started was square. I like to start with a shape that has straight lines so that the children can cut it more easily. Day one of the shape is the children cutting out the shape and adding our special song. Day two of the shape is creating something using the shapes.

Tuesday they did their cutting--I'm very glad we had a week of practice. The children did really well. There are still some that I have to keep correcting the hold, and others that need assistance with moving forward while doing "open/shut," but all in all they did well.

Thursday the children made a quilt with the squares. I have squares cut out and they glue squares over a "sleeping bear" to make him a quilt. I also had out a big sheet of paper and many different size squares so that the children could help make "Super Square" to hang on the wall. Last year these activities were very popular. This year we were searching for takers.

The final activity was the I Know My Colors page for the Me Book. For this page I have circles of the different colors cut out. I ask each child the name of the color and give them the circle. When they are finished they glue all the circles down to look like a caterpillar. After they are all glued, they add some finishing touches.

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Leslie said...

I love this! Very simple and yet very effective. I will definitely be doing this with my 3 year olds. Thank you!