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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taste and Smell

We culminated our five senses theme today. I ended it with what I called a "World Taste Day." It really wasn't a world taste day, the name just had a good ring to it.

I had sent a letter home last week asking parents to send in one food item that their family really liked. They didn't have to make anything special or be too extravagant. I also didn't need the families to send in much of the item as it was for "tasting."

Here's what our day involved:

I had made some coffee to fill the room with the aroma of coffee as the children entered. I also made popcorn, they smelled the popcorn when they came in, but not the coffee. I had also brought in vanilla and a lemon.

Our families added; cheez-its, red peppers, green olives, pizzelles, some kind of Italian cake, chocolate morsels, lime jello, veggie pirate bootie, french fries, and Guatemalan rice.

When the children came to school I had put the table together so they looked like buffet tables. All the food was placed on one table. The children sat down around it. Our first order was to smell all the items on the table.

After we finished smelling everything, it was time to taste. The children got plates and put items they wanted to try on their plates, then they sat down for a feast. It was one child's birthday so we got to finish up our feast with a cupcake. Boy, were we full!

This was a new event for me, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. But, I think it turned out really well. The kids seemed to enjoy it and I don't think it was too hectic. I hope they enjoyed themselves.

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