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Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking Home the Color Books

The children in the three-year-old class finished the pages of their Color Books right before our Christmas break. We weren't able to finish the book totally because we didn't get to the cover. Today we finished the cover. I usually use this opportunity for a bit of evaluation. The cover has 9 circles on it. I put out crayons of all the colors and then ask the children to color a circle red, or green, or blue, etc. I want to see if they can pick out the correct color. I was super impressed. There are always a couple of children that have trouble with a couple of colors, but this year they all got them right. GOOD JOB!

We didn't do any specific crafts this week. I like to take this week slow--let the children get back into the swing.

The only other task I had them do was a cutting activity. I had noticed that many of the children still had trouble with their scissors when we did a craft in December. January we start to do Shape Books. For the shape books there is a lot of cutting involved so I wanted to practice.

On Tuesday I had them cut a short line horizontally. Thursday they cut a longer line vertically. I think they were practicing over the Christmas break. They did great!

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1 comment:

Rachelle said...

How do you teach a 3 year old how to cut??
I've shown my 3 year old many many times, but he still only likes to make one cut, and then he rips the rest.
I am not sure how else to encourage him. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!