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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sense of Touch

Today we did touch. I think the substance we touched most this afternoon was water. I wanted the children to be able to experience different textures, so I tried to have many different items available for them to feel.

Here is an example of what they could experience:

First, I had made a texture collage a couple of years ago which I had available for them.

On another table Mrs. M had shaving cream experience.

The sand table was open.

I had a big bin of pom poms available for them.

Play Doh was available on another table.

Finally, I had purchased something called Silly Squares from Discount School Supply and we used them today. They were really neat, but I should have read the instructions more than 1/2 hour before he class started. It states that it takes hours for the squares to reach their full size.

Silly Squares are these packages of tiny, tiny squares which are sticky and feel a bit like dried Jello. Then you add water to them and they magically expand. During this time they feel a bit more slimy.

Our craft today was finger painting. I hate to admit it, but this is one of my least favorite activities. I know, I know, it's very important, but it sure can make a mess. Anyway, there was a little surprise with our finger painting. First they enjoyed the paint alone, then it was time for the surprise. Mrs. Nodolski added a bit of kosher salt to help them have a different experience.

Here is an observation from the day which surprised me: they are a very clean class. They loved the pom poms, the sand table, and the Play Doh but, the shaving cream, finger painting, and silly squares where more like a, "Do I have to?" Not all of them wanted to experience the Silly Squares or the shaving cream. Since the finger painting was our activity it was set for all, but I think there was a total 2 out of 11 that could have stayed all day. The rest sort of touched it, then said, "I'm done."

It was a very busy messy day, but I think they got to experience quite a bit.

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