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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plucky Little Penguin

Our theme for the beginning of January is winter--of course. Although, it is just beautiful here. We have been actually able to enjoy some outdoor play since the beginning of January. I don't really mind, but I'm sure there are those that do.

Our first winter project was an adorable little penguin. You will need:

Black construction paper

White construction paper
Orange construction paper
black crayon

For preparation, I did the following: On a piece of black construction paper draw an oval. On half a sheet of white construction paper draw a smaller oval. Then cut out two small circles to represent eyes. Also I cut out 2 wing shapes from black paper and a beak and feet from orange paper.

For time purposes I had precut everything but the ovals. If you have more time, I would let the children cut out more.

I gave each child the predrawn ovals and had them cut them out. Then I gave them all the pieces to glue together to make their penguin.

The final step was to add an eye with black crayon inside of the white circle.

I have to say the children thought these were adorable and couldn't wait to take them home.

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1 comment:

Jen said...

such cute little penguins!