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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is the Big Day Soon?

I know this site is devoted to the preschooler, but we all know before there is a preschooler there is an infant. A reader has asked to post some tips for parents soon headed to the delivery room for that new little person in the family.

How to Prepare for Delivery Day

After waiting for nine long months, expecting parents are ecstatic for delivery day to arrive. However, as the excitement levels rise with anticipation, so do their anxiety levels.

Preparing for delivery day in advance is essential to making sure that the day goes smoothly and does not have any unnecessary stressors.

Aside from attending regular doctor appointments, attending a
childbirth class is one of the most important steps in preparing for the big day. A childbirth class will teach the expecting parents about what to expect during pregnancy and during the delivery process. In addition, the class will likely teach breathing techniques and different birthing positions.

Reading books is an important aspect of preparing for delivery day. Expecting parents should read books about the entire process in order to understand what is normal and what to expect. This will provide peace of mind and the feeling of more in control of the situation.

In addition, preparing a birthing plan prior to delivery day can also be very helpful. The birth plan should include information such as where the expecting parents would like the birth to occur, who can attend the birth and any plans regarding medication.

Parents should also think about whether or not they would like to participate in
cord blood banking. Banking cord blood allows the blood from the umbilical cord to be stored for future use. It is typically used to treat blood and immune system diseases of the child or a sibling.

Lastly, the parents-to-be should make sure that they have a bag packed and ready to go for when the delivery day arrives. There are many items that should be in the
delivery day bag. These items include, copies of your birth plan, a list of people to call after the baby arrives, a baby book, camera, personal items such as toothbrushes, nursing bras, an outfit for the baby to wear home, clothing for the parents and a blanket for the baby. The expecting parents should also be sure to remember items that do not fit in a bag, such as a car seat for the new baby.

Giving birth can be both exciting and stressful but a little preparation will help avoid a great deal of stress in the long run.

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