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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post--Preschoolers With Food Allergies

Here is an article by Heather who is an ex-nanny. She is offering some advice to parents who have children with food allergies. When it comes time to send those little ones off to school many parents can have questions. I hope you might find some tips in this article.

Preschoolers With Food Allergies

Sending your child off to preschool when they have a food allergy is a nerve-wracking experience. As if letting your child go isn’t overwhelming enough, knowing that you’re sending them somewhere where they could potentially encounter the forbidden food and have a severe allergic reaction, is enough to keep a parent up at night. However with some preventative measures the experience can be a pleasant one instead of a tense one… well, as pleasant as letting your child go for the first time can be.

1. Do your homework
Check out preschools ahead of time to see if they’ve ever had children with specific food intolerances and allergies before. This will help you figure out if they’ll be able to help your child should they come in contact with the food or if they won’t know what to do. Your child needs to go somewhere with people that will be able to help should an emergency situation arise.

2. Prep your child
Make sure your child understands that they cannot have certain foods and that it is dangerous for them if they do. Let them know that they shouldn’t just readily accept food from others and that they need to talk to the teacher before eating snacks that are passed out. It’s important for your child to be aware of the consequences of ingesting the food and that they’re an active part of avoiding the food.

3. Talk to the teacher ahead of time
Your child’s teacher needs to be aware of the situation so that they can effectively ensure that your child isn’t exposed to the food. This will help them police snacks being given out and lunchtime activities so that your child doesn’t accidentally take a food that is harmful to them.

4. Pack lunches and snacks ahead of time
Instead of hoping that your child doesn’t eat food at school with the offending ingredient, prepare them ahead of time by packing their lunches and providing snacks for them that they can eat when everyone else has snack time as well.

It can be frustrating for a child who is starting school for the first time, trying to fit in, and make new friends, to have a food allergy. It is important though to take as many precautions as possible to ensure their school experience is happy and joyful experience.

Author Bio
Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to hire a nanny by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada. She is available at H.smith7295@

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