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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five Senses: Sight

Pre-K has begun their five senses unit. I have decided to take a sense a day and concentrate on it--except for taste and smell, I am combining that day.

The first sense we concentrated on was sight. It is actually fun doing these. I know many times you introduce the three's to different units and they go along, but there isn't that special spark. With Pre-K they were so excited to do the activities.

First I had the children close their eyes and had them try to figure out what certain items were by using the sense of touch and hearing. They loved it. They wanted to keep going. We played the game "I Spy" and they actually knew what they were doing--another game that could have gone on for quite a while.

Our craft for the day was to make binoculars. For the binoculars you will need:

2 toilet paper rolls

1 strip of construction paper--I used 4x9

The first step was to have the children decorate the strip of paper with the markers. I let them do this to personalize their binoculars.

After they were done decorating they turned the paper over and put glue all over the piece of paper.

I had them take the two rolls and place them in the middle of the paper. We then folded the sides up--like wrapping a present, to cover the rolls.

Just to make sure that the paper stuck to the rolls, I put something on top of them to press the paper to them.

If you wanted to you could probably add a piece of yarn so that they could wear them around their neck.

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Tonya said...

Love the binoculars! We are doing this as part of our June calendar! I've linked up to you here: