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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Three's Are Off to Christmas

Today was the last day for the three-year-old class. We finished up with some Christmas crafts and our last color, white.

For the color white the children painted a snowman white with a cotton ball. The second page of the book was to make an igloo. The children glued an igloo shape on the paper. Then they added the stickers as snowflakes. Just to add a little pizazz, I had them add some extra snowflakes with white paint and a Q-tip.

We continued our fun with cotton to make our Santa face. This is a super easy craft, but the children love the final project. I have a face run off on pink paper and the children add cotton for a beard and the brim of his hat. The final touch is wiggle eyes and a red pom pom nose.

On Tuesday we made our Hershey Kiss wreaths. I had this as a "center" instead of at the craft table. I have pre cut wreaths our of tag board with a yarn tie on them. When they children come to the table we use some tacky and the children add the Hershey Kisses.

We had also made our Christmas stockings to decorate the room for when our parents visit. The children did GREAT with these. In previous years, the sewing part of this craft sometimes got tricky for the students. I actually did not have to help any of them--other than pulling the yarn all the way through. The major WOW factor of this craft is the glitter names. It is amazing to see the children's eyes when the glitter comes off showing their sparkly names.

We finished up our week with a short Christmas program for our families. The children learned some songs and a short Christmas "play." They did wonderfully.

I wish all of our families a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words and great presents.

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Carolyn said...

Parents will not have a hard time in keeping their kids busy on Christmas holiday without upsetting them. A personalized Santa and other Christmas stuffs is sure fun!