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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Starting Christmas With Green

The three-year-old class started their Christmas preparations last week as well as the Pre-K class. Getting the everything done for the three-year-old class can be a challenge. We have a whole 6 classes to get everything done. We do our last few colors, make parent presents, make decorations for the room and tree, and learn Christmas songs for a Christmas show--is your head spinning too?

So this past week, we started with the color green. We only have green and white to add to our color books. Then we make the cover and it's time for the book to go home. For the color green, the children paint a "Christmas" tree green with a pine tree twig. They think it's going to be easy, but it takes a bit of work making that twig work like a paint brush. Then the children added green stickers to a frog for page two of green.

Our first Christmas craft was for our show. There are couple of reindeer songs we sing, so we made our shape reindeer. The children cut out a brown triangle then add two eyes, a red nose, and hand shaped antlers.

On Thursday we made our gifts for our parents. I have the "handprint poem" printed out and the children add their handprints to each side; red, green, or one red and one green.

This week we have lots of glitter going on. We'll be very sparkly.

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Unknown said...

Any chance you have a link to the poem? I would love to make one!