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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy

The month of November always means food, yummy food. The three-year-old class has been talking about good foods, you know the kind that help us grow strong.

We have been thinking of foods that help us grow big and strong, and make us healthy and happy. We have also been eating good food in class.

We started the unit by making plates of good food. I had lots of pictures on the table, cut from circulars, and the children glued them to plates. I had this as a center because we were also painting that day.

The next day was pizza day. We make muffin pizza for snack. To make them I had english muffins, sauce, and cheese. The children made their pizza--some didn't want sauce, then I cooked them up for snack. Of course, on that day I have to go home and make one for myself for lunch.

Our final yummy day was to make a fruit salad. I have the children bring in a fruit. The fruits get washed an cut up, put in a bowl, and we enjoy fruit salad at snack time.

I thought I would share this cute little picture of a turkey that one of the children brought for snack. It is made with Rice Krispie treats, candy corn, and a cookie.

We also did the color blue last week. We watercolored a blue whale and gave a clown some blue spots on his clown outfit.

One more week until our Thanksgiving break. This week we do some fun Thanksgiving activities before our break.

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