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Monday, November 14, 2011

We're Ready

Our Pre-K Thanksgiving luncheon is on Friday, I think we're ready. We have been very busy getting our class of Native Americans ready for the big day. We've made costumes, table decorations, learned songs, and have a treat to prepare on Wednesday. The children have been doing a wonderful job. I'm very proud of them and I think they will do well.

For the Native American costumes the children created noodle necklaces, and tom toms previously. We recently finished our vests and headbands.

To make our vests I purchased some brown shipping paper from Staples. I cut the paper into 30x15 inch sections. Then folded them in half. The tricky part was to figure out how big to cut the hole in the middle for the children's heads. I didn't want it too big so it wouldn't swish around, or too small so that it wouldn't fit. I think I got it right. We'll see on Friday.

For the vest deco I put paint out on the tables and just let them go. Some of the children painted the whole vest and some just added some pizazz here and there. I think they look great.

The headbands were not much work for the children. I used a bulletin board trimmer that was fall themed. Mrs. M. cut them down to a good size for the children's heads. Then she put some hot glue on a spot for them and the children added some feathers(we had to make sure they didn't touch the glue--they did well). Finally Mrs. M. stapled them so they fit well on the children's heads.

Today we made some centerpieces for the tables on Friday. I wanted to make something they would enjoy and something that would stand out. My husband and I spent some time Sunday walking around our A.C. Moore trying to be inspired. My husband was the one to come up with the idea of making some bottles with colored sand in them. The kids loved them. They were easy, of course, but pack big punch.

So, we have everything ready. Let's hope stage fright doesn't set in of Friday.

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