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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three, Three, Can It Be?

Our number this week was 3. I know I've never formally done numbers before, but I expected #2 to be difficult to write. Of course, it was for some, but it went much better than I had expected.

Well, for #3 I thought it would be relatively easy. Boy was I wrong. The children had lots of difficulty writing 3, even tracing was confusing. I'm wondering if it was the aspect that in the middle you back up on what you just wrote. They seemed to need a space in the center. Not only did they have trouble with that, but they had trouble with direction. It was pretty well difficult in many aspects. I had about 3 that did well, but it wasn't that easy for the others.

Our page for our book was--The turkey has 3 feathers. I had a picture of a turkey without feathers and the children glued three feathers on the turkey.

They also added 3 beads to their number lines. I have to say I am pleased with how these are turning out.

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