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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Preparations

Every year our Pre-K classes have a Thanksgiving celebration. The celebration involves one class becoming Pilgrims and the other class becoming Native Americans. Each class gets ready with songs and poems to perform for their families. On our special day, the children get together and put on a show for the families. After the show, we have a luncheon with our families before everyone goes home for the Thanksgiving break.

This year I have the Native American class, so we have been making preparations for this class. Our first activity was to make our noodle necklaces. To make these, I brought some penne pasta and wagon wheels. I also brought some red, green, and yellow dye. We dyed the noodles to make them beautiful colors.

To dye the noodles, we poured some noodles into a zipper bag. Then we poured the dye in the bag and shook them up. I then allowed the noodles to dry until the next class.

NOTE: To dye the noodles I used food coloring from our local grocery story. I used one bottle per bag.

The next step was to have the children string the noodles on some yarn and make their necklaces.

Today we made tom toms. Each child got a strip of paper for them to stamp and decorate. We took those strips and and glued them to a coffee can to make the drums.

We will continue with more preparations in the days to come.

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Diana said...

Great project!

Jen said...

I love the noodle necklaces, Trish! Reading your post made me a little teary eyed- brought me back to the girls' preschool Thanksgivings! Can't believe they are 7 and 9. When I met you in cyberland- they were 3 and 5. Where does the time go? Now I have Thanksgiving preschools to look forward to with Little man. Hope your family is doing well and your extra class this year. Take Care, Jen said...

LOVE your blog!!! Huge ?? what dye do you use to make your noodles?? Nisha

nutcracker ballet for kids said...

Your technique is really appreciable and great. A innovation for preschools.

Diana said...

It seems so much fun!!! I really love your blog!!!