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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Finishings

Today was the last day for the 3yr. olds before Thanksgiving break. We made our thankful turkeys today. I always love to see what they have to say. I was surprised I got a few playing with my brother/sister. I also only got one mom and dad--I usually get alot of these.

We also water colored our annual hand print turkeys. Today was actually the first day I put out watercolor trays. We had water colored before, but I used the liquid watercolors. Today we had to practice that brush rinsing between each different color. They did really well--the turkeys were cute.

On Tuesday we finished the children's cornucopias. They even remembered the word "cornucopia," that's a tough one to remember.

Appropriately, our color this week was brown. On Tuesday we painted an acorn brown with a feather. Feather painting is not as easy as it sounds. Those feathers sometimes start to clump together and make painting difficult. We went through lots of feathers. Thursdays brown activity was to put brown spots on a dog, Spot.

The children are off now until after Thanksgiving. I wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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Leslie said...

Hello! I am just LOVING your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all your idea. Can you guide me to where I can find a similar printable for the cornucopia? I'd love to print it out and do a similar activity with my 2 three year olds. Thanks!