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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Letters With Pre-K

In the Pre-K class we have been continuing our letters for our ABC books. They are doing really well and I am also excited at how much they have improved with writing their names. The letters we have completed are H, T, and I.

For the letter H our book page was a horse by the hay. If you remember, I also take one day and have them make a picture for the letter. For H I had them make a house. The children go a square and a triangle. They glued them together to make a house. Then they found the capital H and lower case h and added them to the picture.

Letter T was next--a turtle under a tree. Our picture was a tree. The children glued a rectangle for the tree trunk. I then had some foam leaves which the children used for the top of the tree, then added the capital T and lower case t.

Finally, letter I. For this letter we made an iguana in the ivy. I then had them make an ice cream cone. For the picture the children glued a triangle for the cone and then added cotton on the top for the "ice cream." And, as always, we added the capital I and lower case i.

Next week we move on to letters with curves.

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Love the icecream cones! I'll have to do that with Little man when we work on Ii. :)