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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Hijinxs

I know it's a little late, but we lost power last weekend so I didn't get to post. During the week I can't seem to find time to post either. The writing doesn't take long, it's adding pictures. I don't know about anyone else, but I am having trouble uploading pictures. It seems like I have to take a million steps to get the pictures on.

Anyway, we had our Halloween celebrations at school. Both classes did very well. The children all came to school dressed in their finest. They looked great. We had a gorgeous Jasmine and a great UPS "guy." We always have a Halloween parade which doesn't always go great for the 3yr. class as they get a bit nervous and the parade gets held up. But this year everyone did well. Both classes did wonderfully.

The only problem; I had lost my voice that day. So, when it was time to sing, well, they sang like I did--very softly. I'm not sure the parents got to hear them. My voice was back a bit for the Pre-K class, but it still kept going in and out. Best laid plans....

I also made a jack-o-lantern with each class. We all decided together what the face would look like. I drew on the face, cut the pumpkin open, we cleaned it out, then I cut out the face. I left the tray of the insides out for the children so they could experiment with it. I didn't have too many takers. Idid get lots of those yucky face looks though.

After the Halloween festivities, the 3yr. old class finished up the jack-o-lanterns that they had painted in mid October. They also finished the color black by making a black bat. In all, the 3yr. class has finished 5 colors; red, yellow, orange, black, and purple.

As for Pre-K, after their festivities we finished their "pudgy pumpkins." These were pretty cute.

To make the pumpkins you need:

1 brown lunch bag
orange paint
black ink/paint
items to use for stamping
green crepe

This cute Mailbox craft took two days to totally complete. The first step is to sponge paint a brown bag with orange paint halfway up. Then let the bag dry.

The next day we stamped on the face. I used some blocks and black ink. The children put the blocks in the ink then stamped the shapes on the bag to make the jack-o-lanterns face.

After the face was stamped the children put some popcorn in the bag, filling it about half way. I then tied a piece of green crepe around to make it look like a jack-o-lantern. Lots of fun for Halloween.

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