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Monday, October 24, 2011

Silly Simple Spiders

Mailbox again to save the day. Actually the Mailbox has helped me throughout this whole Halloween holiday with my Pre-K class.

Today we made some really cute spiders. These spiders are another one of those activities that are not too difficult, but the craft packs a big punch. The kids loved these!

You will need:

one black 6 inch circle
8, 12 inch pieces of black crepe paper
two white circles

Each child gets one black circle. I then gave them two white circles and had them draw some black pupils with a black crayon.

They then glue on the eyes. I had them put lots of glue on the edge of the circle then add the legs--four legs on each side.

I then put on the finishing touches, of course, older children can do this themselves. Cut a slit in the black circle --just to the middle. Put a piece of black yarn through and tape in to the bottom side of the circle.

Overlap the cut area--sort of cone like--and add a piece of tape to finish up the project.

These spiders will bring lots of smiles.

Have fun.

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toddler classes nj said...

I followed your instructions and got a great product out of it. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

Great project!!! Children have adored it for sure!

Donna said...

I followed your instructions and my little ones adored their scary silly spiders!!!

Şenay- Doğam said...

Harika bir çalışmaa :))

Jen said...

Trish- these spiders are adorable!