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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

We have been doing some crafts involving pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in the Pre-K class.

We needed to do the first jack-o-lantern craft so that the children would have a prop for a couple of our Halloween songs during our celebration next week. We needed to make a jack-o-lantern that they could manipulate during the songs. What easier way to do this than with a paper plate?

You will need:

one large paper plate
orange paint
tongue depressor
black paper

The first step in with this craft is to paint the paper plate orange. It then needs to sit for a day to dry.

When the children came back the next day it was time to add the faces. I have to say I think sometimes I expect too much from these little guys. I had put out black paper and scissors and told them they could cut out any shapes for eyes, nose, and mouth. They looked at me like I was speaking a different language.

So, it ended up that I asked them what types of shapes they wanted for eyes and nose; circle, square, diamond, triangle, moon, etc. Then I drew the shape on black paper and they cut it out. I did the same thing with the mouth--they told me what type of mouth, I drew it and they cut it out.

Then they glued on the pieces and we used tacky to attach a tongue depressor to the back of the plate.

Now that he's dry, he can help us with our songs.

The other pumpkin is a Mailbox craft. I actually did this on our back to school night with the parents there because I wasn't sure how they would work out. It is called a pudgy pumpkin because if its 3D aspects.

You will need:

Large piece of orange paper with a pumpkin drawn on it
hole puncher
brown pipe cleaner
2 green leaves

I had drawn the pumpkin on the paper and had the children cut it out. Next we folded the pumpkin in half. The children cut lines, starting at the fold, going toward the edge, but stopping before they reached the edge--the parents helped monitor this.

Then the process was to push the cuts in different directions to give the pumpkin depth. I had a bit of trouble with the cuts staying in place, but we kept it up.

The next step was to punch a hole in the top. The parents tied some green ribbon in the hole and put the pipe cleaner through and twisted it for the stem.

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Jill said...

Sounds amazing!! I'll try it!!

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I really loved the idea!

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Lovely!! Happy Halloween!

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Hope you had a nice Halloween!

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I love this craft!

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Great project and lots of fun!

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