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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letters With Pre-K

The Pre-K class has begun their letter books. We follow the Handwriting Without Tears program for letter recognition and writing. With this program, letters are not taught in order. We begin with letters that are made with lines, and later add letters with curves. One slight addendum to this though, our school does capital and lowercase letters, so sometimes the lowercase letters will have a curve.

Our first letter was the letter L. We begin with making the letter with the sticks. We talked about the sound the letter makes--L; lion; lllllll. We then wrote some words that begin with the letter L. We circled L's in our L poem, and we read an L story from Scholastic's Alpha Tales.

Pre-K class has a specific skill time. During this time we do a paper to include in a "book." I decided to use a book that included writing the letter, but also cutting and pasting. For the Letter L we made a ladybug on a leaf. Each sheet includes adding shapes to finish the picture.

I have the children write the letter, they glue on the shapes, then color. After they become accustomed to writing the letter and the whole routine, and become more proficient with scissors, I will begin having them cut out the shapes needed.

I also wanted to incorporate something in the craft room. On Wednesday I had a lollipop craft on the table. I had a paper with the word lollipop written on it. The children glued down a popsicle stick and rolled some yarn at the top to make a lollipop. The final part of this was to add the L's. I had a tray of letters. They had to pick out the L's and glue them to the paper.

Following letter L we started F. The skill paper for their books was a "frog by a flower." Our sound pattern was--F-fish-ffff. Our craft project was for the children to cut out a fish and glue it to the paper and add a capital and lower case F.

Letter E was next on our plate. We completed an "eagle with an egg.'' When we do our card series--the sound pattern, we make the sound of a short e, so the pattern is--E-egg-short e sound. The project in the craft room was very simple. Their paper had the word envelope on it. The children glued on an envelope and add a capital and lower case E.

With each letter we always read and AlphaTales story corresponding to the letter and we circle the letters in our poems. The poems are on a flip chart from Scholastic, but I don't know what it is offhand. The poems are also actually songs. The chart comes with a CD that plays the corresponding song.

Another activity is to make a word list for each letter. We have been doing pretty well. We usually can come up with about 15 words for each letter.

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Cacheymama said...

I love these ideas. Also good for sensory.

DANI said...

Adorei seu blog!!!


Sally said...

What a lovely idea to introduce them to writing and letters!