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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Bats

As you may already know, The Mailbox is one of my most favorite resources. I have been getting some new activities for my Pre-K class here.

The first craft I found was really cute--well, aren't they all?

For this craft you need:

9x12 dark blue construction paper
2 black pom poms
black construction paper
moon cut from yellow construction paper
silver stars
googly eyes
glue(I used tacky)

This craft was relatively easy, but it packs a big punch.

Because of the pom poms and having the wings "stand out," I had poured a dish of tacky. I gave each child a piece of blue paper then the two pom poms. The children dipped the pom poms in the tacky and stuck them to the paper.

For the bats wings, the children need two small strips of black paper. The paper then needs to be folded accordion style. If the children are able, allow them to fold the paper. I then had the children dip the "wing in the glue" to cover one whole edge. Glue the wings next to the pom poms.

Finally, let the children glue on the eyes, moon, and add the silver stars. It really is a cute craft.

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Miss Lisa said...

I love these halloween bats & will probably 'steal' this project to do with my little class next week :] So cute, thanks! :]

Paula said...

Lovely bats!!!Great way of waiting for Halloween!

Şenay- Doğam said...

Çok güzell...

Brimful Curiosities said...

Great 3D bat project for little ones! They turned out very batty!

Lorna said...

Really awesome decorations!!!

Mariana said...

Awesome decoration!!!