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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Wreaths

We made fall wreaths today in our Pre-K class. To make these wreaths I had some fall potpourri left from the bridal shower. Our niece had purchased the potpourri and put it as decoration on tables. After the shower I went around and and collected it because I thought I could use it later, and I was able to.

To make our wreaths we used:

1 small paper plate
fall potpourri

I had cut the center out of the paper plates. Then punched a hole in it and added a piece of yarn to hang our wreaths.

The children then got some tacky and sticks and spread the tacky around what was left of the plate.

Finally, they added the potpourri to finish up the wreath. If you are able, you could make these wreaths with fall items you find on a nature hike.

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1 comment:

Rita said...

They are sooo lovely!!!