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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Counting With Pre-K

The Pre-K is very busy this year. Along with learning to write first and last names, and recognizing and writing capital and lowercase letters, they will also be working on recognizing and writing the numerals zero through 10.

As you may have seen the children are making an alphabet book using papers from Scholastic's Cut and Paste activity book. I was looking for something similar with the number books.

I was hoping to find something where along with actually writing and recognizing the numeral, they would be involved with placing the correct amount of "something" to associate the number of items with the actual numeral.

I wasn't' able to find anything I was happy with so I decided to create my own. For each numeral I have a large picture of the numeral--the word, and a place to practice writing. Then on the side is an "activity" for them to do.

So far we have completed zero and one. Zero was pretty easy: we "glued" zero apples in the apples tree. They were pretty good. I thought I could trick them, but they knew they were not going to be gluing any apples in that tree.

For the number 1 the children had to glue, one worm on the apple. I had placed some worms on the table and they had to glue on the correct number of worms--guess what? Another success. They are such a smart group.

Finally for the numbers I am helping them to create a number/numeral number line. I drew the numerals 0-10 on a sentence strip then laminated the strip. We punched holes under each numeral and we are going to add beads to correlate the correct number and numeral--up to number 10. I had originally used yarn to attach the beads, but we may be revamping that by using a pipe cleaner--easier for threading and easier for "tying" the end.

Are you interested in obtaining the number pages? Click here.

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Denise said...

Great idea to introduce the youngest ones to counting and numbers!