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Friday, September 23, 2011

Shapes, Shapes, Everywhere

In the Pre-K class this week I decided to do shape review. Now I know you think they probably already knew them all, but guess again. That rectangle and triangle are tricky.

I only had 6 shapes that we talked about: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oval.

At skill time each day it was shapes along with cutting. I had given each child a paper with three shape names written on it. Then I had given them a piece of construction paper with three shapes drawn on it. They had to cut out the shapes and glue them in their correct column. I didn't expect them to actually know the printed word, I just wanted it their for introduction.

So cutting first. We made it through. I would say 75% of the class was on top of the cutting. Yes, the circle was the hardest. I am excited though how well most of them did. The following skill time we worked on the remaining three shapes.

Our craft for Wednesday was to paint a shape. I had cut out large shapes and let the children paint one. We will use these for Friday.

We also went on a shape hunt. The church campus is quite large so we went on a walk to try to find different shapes. I'm not sure if they were ready for that. They all wanted to know when we were going to get back to the room. They found lots of squares and circles, but I had to prompt them for some of the other shapes.

Our final fun with shapes was to play "Hot Potato Shape." Each child had their decorated shape. We turned on some music and passed the shapes around the circle. When the music stopped we went around the circle and the children had to say what shape they were holding.

All in all I think we had lots of fun with our shapes this week.

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