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Monday, September 12, 2011

Out of the Gate--Full Speed Ahead!

Here we go! Today was my first day with the Pre-K. We had an orientation day on Friday, but it was just about an hour. Today was the day they came and stayed.

It went very well. I had lots of stuff planned, since I was afraid we might not enough to occupy our time. There are only 10 children in the class right now and sometimes things can go quicker than expected with 10.

We got right into the swing of things today. We begin the year by making a ME BOOK. You may remember that the three year olds make this book also. The first page of the book is a picture of them and their height and weight. I had them draw themselves and then later in the year we will do it again to see the difference.

I also had written the children's names on sentence strips. I allowed them to pick a special color of glitter glue. We then wrote the names with the glitter glue. I will use these for the children to trace their names and help them to learn to write their name. They actually are pretty good at recognizing and there were also a few that had the idea of writing it down.

For skill this week we are doing a color review. I have made up three sets of papers with three colors on each paper. First we find the colors listed around the room. Then I have put out some materials with lots of different colors. They need to glue objects of the correct color in the correct column.

A fun new play item was our long cardboard tube. I had purchased a new carpet for story time. Inside the carpet was this long tube and thought the children would have fun rolling things through it. I just have to watch when they pick it up and carry it around.

It's amazing about half the class is new to our school, but they all came in and seemed very at ease. I hope that's a good thing.

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Linda said...

You are such an enthusiastic teacher that it is impossible for children not to feel at ease at your class.

Carla said...

The idea of the cardboard tube sounds just awesome!

Paula said...

Children can have fun with so many different everyday objects.Their imagination has no end!

Mary said...

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Greta said...

I really loved your post. Seeing your students so caught up in their own games and experimenting is great!

Anonymous said...

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