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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Adorable Three's

Thursday was the first day with my three-year-old class. It was such a nice day. They all came in so well, I was surprised. This was the first day to say good bye to mom and dad and come upstairs with the teachers. Guess what? No tears.

As many of you know, I have begun to teach a Pre-K class this year also. Well, I am surprised at the big difference between these age groups. My three's are so sweet, they can't wait to be helpful. They seem so excited about everything we did.

My Pre-K kids are just a little bit more "worldly." They already know this stuff. What they are doing is a bit more important that what I would like to do. I guess they have started to "come into their own."

I spent the day with the three's just helping them to become comfortable with the surroundings and Mrs. T and me. The played so well and wanted to try everything. We made our friendship wreath with the children's handprints and some of them couldn't wait to hang it.

Some of the children also brought in their Me posters to share with us. They are so excited to tell us about the pictures on the poster. These posters have been very helpful in past years when children need something familiar.

I have to say it took us quite a while at clean up time. I think they decided to explore EVERY single toy and game we had for them. At the end of play time there was more toys than floor. Even though we had a lot to clean up, they played so nicely together. I was very happy to see how well they did.

Let's hope the year continues this way.

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