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Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Me

The Pre-K children spent the week creating a portrait of themselves to be hung in our room throughout the year. This process was a two day event.

I had asked for some parent volunteers to come and help trace the children. I have a roll of paper for this project. We roll the paper out, the children lay down placing their head and shoulders on the paper, then we trace them.

After the children are traced it is time for them to decorate. We spend some time discussing eye color and hair color, just general discussion on what the children look like. (I had them draw pictures of themselves the day before and 60% of the children were all orange:).

The next step the children's shapes are cut out. Then I added the children's names.

On Friday, it was handprint day. I had the children stamp their handprints with the color of their choice. The handprints are then cut out and glued to the portrait. Next week I'll get them hung around the room to enjoy for the year.

I had also sent home an All About Me Tee which I got from Really Good Stuff. I sent these home on orientation day and asked the parents to help the children with them. Then when they bring them back, they share them with us and we hang them in the room. They look so cute.

Our skill area this week was to review colors. If you remember on Monday we reviewed red, orange, and yellow. Wednesday was blue, green, and black . We finished up with brown, purple, and white. They all did great with the colors. We had a lot of fun with it too. They loved going around the room finding the colors around us.

Next week we move on to shapes and making new friends.

P.S. I forgot my camera on Wednesday, so I don't have any pictures of our fun tracing adventures.

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Donna said...

You have really so great ideas!!!! I always love them!

toddler dance classes nj said...

These creations are really wonderful.I can't believe that a kid has made this. So beautiful.