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Friday, September 30, 2011

Someone Special Day

In our Pre-K class this week we were focusing on our families. On Monday the children drew a picture of their families to add to the their Me Books. I decided to culminate the week with Someone Special Day.

On this day each child was to bring in a special grown-up to share their day with. We had a GREAT day! I must admit I was a bit worried. I have never done this before so I wasn't sure exactly how everything would work out.

On Wednesday we painted the letters to the word WELCOME. I cut out the letter when they were dry and hung them in the room to greet our guests.

We also sprayed some coffee filters with liquid watercolor paint on Wednesday. Unfortunately I watered down the colors too much--but it worked out. We let these dry and used them for craft on Friday.

The craft was to let each pair have two coffee filters. They gathered them up, twisted a pipe cleaner around the bottom, and then we put them in a "vase." We used these flowers for centerpieces on our tables at snack time. Then each family got to take home two flowers.

Our big project was to create some yummies for our snack. The menu was crackers with cheese and pepperoni, fruit salad, and punch. I had purchased everything and then dealt out certain tasks.

Two pairs made our cheese and crackers.

One pair made our punch.

The rest of the pairs were given different fruits to cut up for the fruit salad. I had strawberries, pineapple, apples, bananas, and grapes.

We enjoyed our snack immensely.

We finished the day by singing some family songs and reading the book, "Clifford's Family," by Norman Bridwell.

It really was a perfect day. I know sometimes these days can get hectic and out of control, but everything just went together flawlessly.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friendship Day

Friday at Pre-K was friendship day. We have been working very hard at learning each other's names, and getting to know each other.

I had beads and pipecleaners out on one table so that the children could make "friendship bracelets." (Good eye hand coordination project too.)

On Wednesday, I had read a book to the children about friendship. Then on Friday we talked about what it means to be a friend, and how friends treat each other. The children told me their ideas and I wrote them down on a 3x5 card.

We then went in to decorate "ourselves." I used the same people shapes that I had used for my 3's. Only I added a bit of decorative material. They were still allowed to use markers, but I also had scrap paper, scissors, and glue and they could make things from those materials.

Many of the children just used the markers. Some wanted real clothes, but wanted me to cut them out for them. I did since it was a bit abstract. I had one little boy that decided he was going to cut everything out for himself. Good for him!

When everyone was finished I taped them to the wall "holding hands" with our friendship qualities listed underneath. Too cute!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Great Class

One of our first themes is "All About Me," or "Wonderful Me," whichever way you would like to go.

We started that theme this week with the three-year-old class. Our first order of events was to paint a mural. This is one of those cooperative projects you may have read about before.

Then after the mural has time to dry (2 days and it still wasn't dry, they love their paint), or time to relatively dry. I gave each child a person shape. The shapes are from Discount School Supply. We talk about adding features to the person. What would be included to make a face? What else would they need? I try to show them some easy ways of making faces and adding clothes by using the blackboard, but it's always a bit different when they are doing it themselves.

After their person is decorated, we glue them to the painting. I then hang the whole mural in the room. They love to see their work.

The children also had fun at the cutting area. I filled the water table with paper scraps and scissors. Then I just let them cut away.

Another thing they really loved, if you haven't seen it in an earlier post is their special poster they create with their family. On orientation day I send a piece of large construction paper home with each family. They make an easy poster about themselves and bring it back to share with us. The children have done a GREAT job of sharing and they love seeing these posters hanging around the room.

Next week we continue the "Me" unit by beginning the children's Me Books.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Shapes, Shapes, Everywhere

In the Pre-K class this week I decided to do shape review. Now I know you think they probably already knew them all, but guess again. That rectangle and triangle are tricky.

I only had 6 shapes that we talked about: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oval.

At skill time each day it was shapes along with cutting. I had given each child a paper with three shape names written on it. Then I had given them a piece of construction paper with three shapes drawn on it. They had to cut out the shapes and glue them in their correct column. I didn't expect them to actually know the printed word, I just wanted it their for introduction.

So cutting first. We made it through. I would say 75% of the class was on top of the cutting. Yes, the circle was the hardest. I am excited though how well most of them did. The following skill time we worked on the remaining three shapes.

Our craft for Wednesday was to paint a shape. I had cut out large shapes and let the children paint one. We will use these for Friday.

We also went on a shape hunt. The church campus is quite large so we went on a walk to try to find different shapes. I'm not sure if they were ready for that. They all wanted to know when we were going to get back to the room. They found lots of squares and circles, but I had to prompt them for some of the other shapes.

Our final fun with shapes was to play "Hot Potato Shape." Each child had their decorated shape. We turned on some music and passed the shapes around the circle. When the music stopped we went around the circle and the children had to say what shape they were holding.

All in all I think we had lots of fun with our shapes this week.

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