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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow! What a Site!

Now I know I am the queen of all things preschool, (oh wait, did I say that out loud:)?), but I was sent a site to check out that is chock full of activities not only for preschool, but for children of all ages.

The site,, is really full of GREAT ideas. I checked out the activities tab, which had lots of categories to choose from. I, of course, went to the preschool section. Here there were pages and pages of ideas. You can just go through all the items they have listed, or you can search for something in particular. I found a few I might be using this year.

They also have a very detailed worksheet section. Again I reviewed the preschool worksheets which of course they had pages and pages of these too. I also liked how when you placed your cursor over a worksheet in brought it up bigger so that you could see it better.

I also liked that they are free ideas. The pages were bright. The instructions were easy to understand, and the site is easy to navigate. This site is definitely one to add to your favorites!

This site is also amazing because of ALL the information they provide to parents and teachers. They have videos, question and answer, information to find a school in your area, even colleges, and some valuable information about topics in the education field.

Have fun exploring plenty of new ideas!

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