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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hear Them Roar!

Dinosaur Camp started today. The title is actually a bit contrary to our day. Our room was so quiet with all 16 children that I had to keep counting to make sure no one left on me :). I'm sure by the end of the week I will know there are 16 children in the room.

Dino camp is our most popular summer camp. Truth be told, our camps did not fill well this year. Out of 5 camps only 2 filled totally. The other three camps didn't even get enough children to run the camps. I think summer camps have gotten much more popular than when we started these about 20 years ago. There are so many choices out there now.

Dino camp is always fun and exciting and, of course, super busy. When it was time to go today we had a little girl say that she wasn't ready to leave so she was staying.

Today we made a stegosaurus with the greatest puffy paint. The puffy paint is from No Time For Flashcards--one of my favorite sites. The puffy paint is 3 parts shaving cream, 1 part white glue, and paint. I mixed up three colors and had enough paint for probably 60 children. Oh well I won't make as much next year. (This whole idea is from No Time for Flashcards.)

I had cut out a dinosaur shape from some cardboard I had saved over the year. Then the children told me what color paint they wanted. I put some on and they swished it around. Some of them swished whole-heartedly while others swished index fingerly.

Then they all got some clothespins to add color to. I had bought tons of clothespins and put them in that "safe" place for this year. Well, I couldn't remember what the safe place was. I was able to scrounge enough clothespins together for each child to get 3. I think that's a bit sparse, but at least the dinosaur will resemble a stegosaurus a little bit.

The stegosaurus is at school drying. Tomorrow we'll add an eye, put on the spikes, and send him home.

We also played the herbivore/carnivore game. I had a plant and a plate with a hot dog and hamburger on it(that represented our meat). Each child then got a dinosaur and they had to decide if it was an herbivore or a carnivore and place the dinosaur at the correct food. They did well.

If any parents are reading today, remember old clothes tomorrow. See you tomorrow!


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Laura said...

What an awesome activity to start a summer camp!

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Leslie said...

You are right, there are so many variations of camps to choose from. I have never heard of this kind of camp before,but I am sure the kids had a great time. I think to end off such an educational experience, the kids could have made their own stuff-n-fluff dinosaur. Its a great hands -on activity and the kids would always remember "Dino Camp".You should consider it for your next camp session.It may even be agreat incentive for more kids to sign up!

John McCain said...

This is very educational idea. I will send my son to this camp. For sure he will like it. courses online