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Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduating Paleontologists

The world's newest paleontologists left dinosaur camp today full of life and energy. Last day of camp today. What a wonderful week we had. Great children and great families! Thank you.

Today our discussion centered around the scientist that digs up dinosaur bones, a paleontologist. Of course, they all new what one was, what one needed to dig up dinosaur bones, where dinosaur bones are found, etc. One little boy even said that a paleontologist has to wear a hat. What am I here for again?

Our first activity is to help the children realized it is not easy getting dinosaur bones out of rocks. And also to emphasize the fact that paleontologists use tools. The children each got a dinosaur figure frozen in ice. They then had to use their tool, a nancy bottle filled with warm water--lots of nancy bottles filled with water--to get their dinosaur out of the ice. This is very exciting for them.

I then had all the children make a dinosaur hat. Not exactly a paleontologists' hat, but something fun and shaped like a dinosaur.

Our big finale was to take the children outside for a dinosaur bone hunt. My sister-in-law had made some bones years ago for her son's birthday. She then passed them to me for Dino camp and they are a huge hit.

The bones get "hidden" in the morning, really just put around the church yard. Then the children have to find the bones and we have to put them together to make a dinosaur fossil.

Off they go. I hope everyone had a great time.

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Blog Squad @ Kids Matter said...

How did your SIL make the bones? I love them and they look huge!

Barbara Davis said...

i can't wait to hear the answer too! I used chicken bones, rib bones, soup bones and boiled, boiled, boiled, scraped and boiled some more but these are giant!

Heather @ Preschool Buddy said...

I love the activity with the frozen dinosaurs and warm water bottles. It's so simple & I bet the kids had a blast!

Anna said...

Amazing!! Excellent idea!

Wanda said...

Amazing activity! I'm sure your paleontologists enjoyed it a lot.

Andrew said...

This seems so much fun!

Anonymous said...

We really like your site and added you to our blog roll! You have some really unique kids crafts!

Mariana said...

What a nice activity!

Lucas said...

This seems such fun!!!