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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Day to Breathe

We had a lovely day today. It was calm, fun, and just plain relaxing. With the heat on the way we had the lights off in the classroom and the fans humming. Spray bottles and water were prevalent, but it was very nice.

Our huge dinosaurs look great on the wall. I have one covering a doorway no one usually uses--I'm sure someone will use it now:). As we were putting them up this morning I was thinking I wonder if they will notice. Well, they did, and right away too. I had to hand the Triceratops pretty high up to find enough wall space. T-Rex would have been behind them as they entered the room, but they noticed him right away. What observant little ones!

Today we painted some beautiful sun catchers. I purchase the sun catchers and paint from Oriental Trading. It's a super easy craft, but the children love hanging them and seeing the colors come through.

I also purchased Dinosaur scenes from Oriental Trading and had them on the tables for the children.

Our other activity was at the water table. I had gotten those little capsules from Michael's Craft store--the caplets that open up in water. Each child got to pick one and help it to "hatch." They did this activity with my helper, but they all stopped by to show me what they got--full of excitement.

I used my little bit of free to to clean the floor since our huge dinos stuck to the floor as the paint seeped through the paper. And, I also hand to unstick all the dino footprint fossils from the plates. I guess it was a sticky day yesterday.

It's hard to believe, but only two more days of camp. Wow! How fast!

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