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Monday, May 2, 2011

Positively Pets

Thursday began our pet unit. This is always fun for the children because we incorporate a real pet show. This will happen next week, on Tuesday, as long as the weather holds out.

Today we started discussing. What is a pet? What do we do to care for a pet? What does a pet need?, etc. To help us answer this question we took a trip to the local pet store. Even though the children have probably been to the pet store a thousand times, who doesn't love to go back and visit again?

We went to each section to first see the pet. Then we traveled the surrounding aisles to see what types of items one would need to care for that pet. We had a nice time. Although, half way through our tour the heavens opened up and the rain came POURING down. It was super loud inside the store as it is a flat roof facility. There was a lot of hand holding going on during that period.

Before we went to the pet store I had some activities for the children back at school. The first craft was to water paint a fish bowl. The children colored the plants in the bowl with a crayon and then painted over it with blue for water. On Tuesday we'll add some sparkly fish stickers. Since it was bring your child to work day I had my son Noah be in charge of this station.

The other table had a dog puppet. I had put out bags, brown or white, then pieces for the children to glue on to make a brown dog or a Dalmatian. Who doesn't love puppets?

Pet Show on Tuesday! Can't wait.

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Laura said...

Amazing activities!! Your children learn about pets and animals in plenty of different ways!

Mariana said...

How much fun for the children!! Those puppets are lovely!

Marcela said...

Going to the pet's shop is a great excursion, especially for children.

Heather @ Preschool Buddy said...

The fish bowl is so cute. Thanks for sharing this!