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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marvelous Mom!


Thursday we prepared for that marvelous day we honor all the mothers of the world. I hope your day is great with your families.

Thursday was the day to wrap our presents for mom. The present is always the flower--you know the one I just planted? Actually, I was quite surprised. All of the children's flowers sprouted and were a decent height.

The children chose a brightly colored bag. The flower was placed inside the bag. The the children made a card to attach to the bag. The card consisted of a picture of a tea cup with a wonderful poem about mom on it. The children colored the cup, cut it out, glued the edges, and added the final touch--a tea bag.

I hope all our moms enjoyed their flower--zinnias by the way. I also hope you enjoyed your day.

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Andrew said...

What a wonderful present you thought of for Mother's Day!!!

Mary said...

Moms always love the things that their kids prepare for them in kindergarden!