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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Planting Center

Last week we finally got our planting done. We plant flowers every year, but this year we are a little late. As I write this, our class only has 6 more classes until we end our year. Unbelievable isn't it? It's amazing that our time together is almost over :(.

For our planting this year I bought the "pots" that you can plant right in the ground. I thought they would be more "earthy."

I set up a table with potting soil, planters, seeds, and water. Each child came to the table put some dirt in their cup, added seeds and water, then we put them in the windowsill. I actually did the planting on Tuesday and by Thursday all of the children had sprouts! I was amazed.

I would love to have a space where we could plant at school at watch our creations grow, but we don't have any room for that. Also, since our year is so short, I wonder if we would have time to see our plants come to fruition.

Well, planting seeds in the dirt is almost as much fun.

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Andrea said...

I'm in the same boat - school year done in two weeks :( and because we are in a community hall, the only place to plant flowers is actually looked after by our Communities in Bloom ladies. I don't think they could handle a preschooler garden! (not that we'd see it bloom either - our trees are only just starting to bud).

I did ziploc beans with my students a couple of weeks ago and was so happy when they started sprouting! I love your idea of the earthy containers - I think I will borrow that for next year!

Heather @ PreschoolBuddy said...

Last year, we planted carrots in our garden and my kids loved it. It's such a great lesson for children to help nurture a plant and watch it grow.

Katie said...

I dropped by to let you know that your blog has been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! Follow this link to know what you need to do next.