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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blown Away

Continuing with the theme of March and it's weather, we discussed wind today. This is always a very fun day. Our room is very windy, with the help of a fan, and lots of items get blown around the room.

My first introduction of wind was to use my hair dryer. We listened to soft wind, and hard wind--wind gets louder the harder it is. We felt the soft wind, calm and breezy, and also the hard wind, messy and loud. Then we had a container of different items. Would the wind blow these items? The children had to guess if the wind would blow the item. They did quite well. I was as surprised as they were with a toy we all thought for sure the wind couldn't blow--well it did! Imagine that.

I then had the fan running during play time and the children could bring any item over to see if the wind would blow it--the ball was a favorite:).
Our craft today was, as always, a crowd pleaser. We made pinwheels using construction paper, pencils, and a pin. The paper is cut into a square. The children color both sides of the paper--I used crayons. After coloring they use scissors to cut along predrawn lines--stopping at the drawn circle. I then fold the paper, push a pin through the corners and into the pencil eraser. Final step---BLOW. Smiles galore.

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Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

Love the art and science aspect of this project. Great for March. :)