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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shape Books Come Full "Circle"

We finished up the shape books today by making the cover. All I have to do is staple them together and they can go home.

Last week we did our final shape, the circle. I have been doing circle last because this shape is the most difficult for the them to cut out. They have come such a along way in their cutting. In the beginning there were some that you had to help finish the whole shape. Now I just have to help a few get started and off they go! I'm so proud.

On Tuesday, we cut the shape out and glued it on the paper with the poem. Then on Thursday we took three circles and made--what else--a snowman. The children glued the circles down and added features.

Our circle collage was a bit different than out other shapes. If you remember a while back I had someone post about bottle cap painting and that gave me the idea for this collage. I went all around the room and gathered different circles, (I could have gathered for hours). Then I placed the items and stamp pads on the table with a large piece of circle paper. Then I let the children stamp on circles using the items from the room. It wasn't quite as bright as the other collages, but it was fun.

Our shape wall looks like this:

Today we made our shape people on our cover. They look so cute. I'll let them dry staple the books together, and off they go on Tuesday. Happy viewing moms and dads.

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Unknown said...

The books are great, but I especially like the circle collage. Great teamwork!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Books looke awesome!

Enjoy your blog. Just gave you the stylish blogger award.

Daycare Headquarters said...

I love the cute shapes with the wiggly eyes. Its crazy how cute they are just by adding eyes. I think we will do that today in my home daycare with some hearts.
I like your blog.

Mariana said...

Great team work and congratulations on all the work and effort your kids have put on these shape books!