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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Main Event

I didn't get a chance to post our Valentine's Day yet. We had a marvelous day surrounded by lots of sugar.

When the children I arrive I have the Valentine bags out so that those special deliveries can begin. During playtime Mrs. T will take one child at a time and they will deliver the cards and goodies by matching the names. This can take a little while.

We made our Valentine person. He's always so cute, (sorry it looks like a he to me). This is a very basic craft, but the cutting out of the heart gets the biggest reaction. I have half a heart drawn on red paper folded in half for the children. They are so amazed that they can cut out half a heart and end up with a full heart. I am so amazed at how well they can cut!

After the hearts are cut out we added heart eyes, nose, and mouth. Followed by some accordion paper legs and arms. They love them.

We then played the friendship game. I took seven hearts and cut them in half. I then have the children form a circle and I scatter the half hearts on the floor. Everyone picks up one piece of heart and then they have to find their "friend" that will make the heart whole.

Finally it was time to see all the goodies they got. I spread the bags around the room. #1 it's like a finding their name game, and #2 it keeps them so they don't sit too close to each other and get them mixed up.

I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but we were finished after checking out our Valentine's. Time to go home.

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Duckys said...

It looks like your children had a blast, thank you for the ideas on some new things. I have wrote them down and just might try some of them next year.

Mariana said...

They seem to have had a very nice moment!!!

Inviting Concepts said...

Wow. I like this artwork thing. My kids would definitely enjoy this kind of bonding.