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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeding the Birds

We made our bird feeders last week, and guess what? I forgot my camera. How dare I? I will copy a few pictures from last year in so that you can see what it looks like.

Every winter we do something special for our bird friends that need some yummy food this time of year. Especially this year, I don't know what they could fine under all this snow and ice. Some of the birds that we showcase are the Blue Jay, Cardinal, Chickadee, and Junco. We have lots of fun making all the bird sounds. Especially the Blue Jay sounds--he is the most loud and obnoxious.

We have made the pine cone bird feeders before, but as the class got a little bigger I was looking for a project that was a bit more group friendly. That's when I happened upon a great bird feed from our local zoo, Elmwood Park Zoo.

This pipecleaner bird feeder is super easy and the children make as many as they like. All you need in a pipecleaner and o-type cereal, like Cheerios. The children put the cereal on the pipecleaner, you loop the edges and they are good to go. Some children will have trouble finishing one, but others may leave with four or five bird feeders

Another fun activity we have been playing with is our new sensory table with InstaSnow in it. My Pre-K teacher had a parent that introduced her to InstaSnow and it's great. You get this small bag of a powder like substance, you add a bit of water and BAM you have a container full of "snow." It is even cold like snow. The great part is when the "snow' dries up you can add some more water and bring it back to life. (I'm not sure how many times you can do this).

Even if you don't want to purchase the InstaSnow, the Steven Spangler science site is great. Looks like lots of fun here.

Hopefully we can get back to school again soon, and to our routine. I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

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1 comment:

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Love these little bird feeders!! We had our first warm day today (in a LONG time) and the birdies were very busy checking out the yard, the bird feeder, and taking baths in the melting snow puddles.

Will have to make some of these cheerio feeders with my own little bird watchers -- of course in our yard they'll probably be squirrel feeders! : )