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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dentists on Call

To finish off the month of February, we focused on dental health. We have a local dentists' office, Dr. Pyke's, that specializes in pediatric dental care. They have been coming to visit our classroom the last few years and, Ms. Cathy is just GREAT. She puts on a very age appropriate and engaging presentation every year. Her helper, Sammy, is always a crowd favorite too.

Ms. Cathy first dressed for us so that the children can see what she would look like if they visited her at the dentist office. She had on gloves, goggles, and a mask. She then showed them some instruments that she would be using, like the tooth counter and a little mirror.

Sammy comes to join in then and Ms. Cathy helps him to brush his teeth and tongue, then floss. Finally, Sammy has brought some goodies with him and the children help Ms. Cathy and Sammy figure out if the snacks are happy or sad tooth snacks. We thank Ms. Cathy, Sammy, and Dr. Pyke's office for this wonderful program.

On Thursday we continued with the dental health theme. I had all the children bring in a food from home. Then we sorted the food into happy or sad tooth foods. Our craft for the day involved play dough and beans. The children made a short snake from the play dough, we glued in onto a paper telling us that children have 10 teeth on the bottom and 10 teeth on top. Then the children added 10 beans to simulate teeth--they turn out pretty cute.

There was more fun going on during the free play time too. I had brought in four hard boiled eggs. I put two eggs in cups of cola, and two eggs in cups of fruit punch. I then showed the children how the cola and punch turned the eggs brown or red. I explained that this is what could happen to our teeth if we drank too much of these types of drinks, and didn't brush our teeth. I also had some toothbrushes and toothpaste. The children were allowed to take and egg and a toothbrush, add some toothpaste, and brush that egg back to it's beautiful white; always lot of fun!

On another table I had some masks, gloves, goggles, a big set of teeth, and a big toothbrush (I usually have floss, but I didn't know I was out of it until I went to get it). The children dressed up as dentists and cleaned those big teeth. They were adorable.

It was a great week, but now it's time to move on to windy March and promises of spring.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shape Books Come Full "Circle"

We finished up the shape books today by making the cover. All I have to do is staple them together and they can go home.

Last week we did our final shape, the circle. I have been doing circle last because this shape is the most difficult for the them to cut out. They have come such a along way in their cutting. In the beginning there were some that you had to help finish the whole shape. Now I just have to help a few get started and off they go! I'm so proud.

On Tuesday, we cut the shape out and glued it on the paper with the poem. Then on Thursday we took three circles and made--what else--a snowman. The children glued the circles down and added features.

Our circle collage was a bit different than out other shapes. If you remember a while back I had someone post about bottle cap painting and that gave me the idea for this collage. I went all around the room and gathered different circles, (I could have gathered for hours). Then I placed the items and stamp pads on the table with a large piece of circle paper. Then I let the children stamp on circles using the items from the room. It wasn't quite as bright as the other collages, but it was fun.

Our shape wall looks like this:

Today we made our shape people on our cover. They look so cute. I'll let them dry staple the books together, and off they go on Tuesday. Happy viewing moms and dads.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Main Event

I didn't get a chance to post our Valentine's Day yet. We had a marvelous day surrounded by lots of sugar.

When the children I arrive I have the Valentine bags out so that those special deliveries can begin. During playtime Mrs. T will take one child at a time and they will deliver the cards and goodies by matching the names. This can take a little while.

We made our Valentine person. He's always so cute, (sorry it looks like a he to me). This is a very basic craft, but the cutting out of the heart gets the biggest reaction. I have half a heart drawn on red paper folded in half for the children. They are so amazed that they can cut out half a heart and end up with a full heart. I am so amazed at how well they can cut!

After the hearts are cut out we added heart eyes, nose, and mouth. Followed by some accordion paper legs and arms. They love them.

We then played the friendship game. I took seven hearts and cut them in half. I then have the children form a circle and I scatter the half hearts on the floor. Everyone picks up one piece of heart and then they have to find their "friend" that will make the heart whole.

Finally it was time to see all the goodies they got. I spread the bags around the room. #1 it's like a finding their name game, and #2 it keeps them so they don't sit too close to each other and get them mixed up.

I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but we were finished after checking out our Valentine's. Time to go home.

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