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Thursday, December 9, 2010

White Out

We are adding the last page to our color books this week, white. As you going through the colors you think I'm never going to get all these done. Here we are, time to get the books ready to go home. The children are so excited to show their parents all they've been doing.

Our first white page is, what else, a snowman. We paint the snowman white with cotton balls. I was surprised at the children that were apprehensive about using the cotton ball because their fingers were too close to the paint.

The second page of the book is an igloo. I have an igloo shape cut out. The children glue the igloo to the paper, then add the white stickers. (I like to keep doing the stickers. I still have a couple that have so much trouble getting those stickers off the paper). There is one final step to this project, adding paint snowflakes with a Q-tip. I thought it would be fun and easy to accomplish.

We also played in shaving cream on Tuesday. They all smelled so good. I had one little girl that was at that table the whole time. She had a ball there.

Finally we played in our gingerbread sensory table. Even though we add a lot of brown spices, the mixture is still relatively white.

We'll make our covers next week so the books can go home.

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